Snowboarding vs Skiing

Move on over with the two ski’s and lets do some snowboarding! Lots of people swear by snowboarding and how fun it is versus getting on two ski’s and blazing down the mountain. There are certain things that you can do on each that are unique and fun for the different kind of snow shredders out there. Personally I learned how to ski back in 1998 and that is what I still do to this day, so that I don’t have to re-learn how to snowboard and waste an entire ski trip doing so!

When skiing you have the luxury of having two legs to stand up on and balancing is a little easier with this, like my buddy says over at Car Keys Atlanta. It is similar to water skiing with two skis when learning the craft. You would start with two ski’s and then kick one off to learn how to slalom ski with only one ski. Well, with the snow ski’s there is no kicking one off and then doing it with one ski. You would end up going down the mountain on one ski and the other leg sticking out looking Continue reading Snowboarding vs Skiing

Shredding the Mountain

Next up, lets discuss how the actual skiing went on the mountain and what  we encountered while out there. We were settled in, had some traction now and were ready for the slopes. So we boarded the shuttle that left from our hotel condo place and went down to the Gondula for a ride up the lift to the mountain. The Gondula is an awesome ride that basically is suspended in the air on a cable cord that pulls you up the mountain. Basically, an air shuttle that takes you from the parking lot of the public access area up to the mountain to various slopes in Breckenridge. Really cool, and excellent scenery on the way up as well.

I haven’t been skiing since 2009 so I was looking around for a few green slopes to cut my teeth on again. We found a couple there at the first stop and I was able to hop on the ski lift to go up with my buddy from mover Atlanta Ga. In Colorado, the mountains are huge and a lot taller than where we are from in Georgia, and so skiing in the southeast is much different than skiing out West. The greens are basically the blues and blacks in North Carolina where Continue reading Shredding the Mountain

Colorado Trip 2016

Welcome to our new blog about snow skiing and trips that we take to the mountains. This year, 2016, we went for the first time in several years. The trip was one to remember because we flew into Denver and skied Breckenridge for a week, or as they call it “Breck”. The conditions couldn’t have been any better, fresh powder two of the days we were there, and dry snow that was soft and very manageable on the slopes the entire week.  The good news is, is that no one broke any arms or legs but we had a few close encounters. Like my buddy over at Tow Truck Roswell. To be discussed. The weather was supreme for most of the week with only one day where it was below the teens for temperature. Talk about COOOOLLLDD….But we survived and had the trip of easily the past 5 years to remember!

Flying out to Denver is always laced with anticipation because you know that you still have a nice ride to the mountains after landing at the airport. This year my brother’s good friend moved out to Denver, and so we had someone to meet up with for lunch downtown the minute we got there. So that was nice, and the lunch was a top notch joint Continue reading Colorado Trip 2016