Snowboarding vs Skiing

Move on over with the two ski’s and lets do some snowboarding! Lots of people swear by snowboarding and how fun it is versus getting on two ski’s and blazing down the mountain. There are certain things that you can do on each that are unique and fun for the different kind of snow shredders out there. Personally I learned how to ski back in 1998 and that is what I still do to this day, so that I don’t have to re-learn how to snowboard and waste an entire ski trip doing so!

When skiing you have the luxury of having two legs to stand up on and balancing is a little easier with this, like my buddy says over at Car Keys Atlanta. It is similar to water skiing with two skis when learning the craft. You would start with two ski’s and then kick one off to learn how to slalom ski with only one ski. Well, with the snow ski’s there is no kicking one off and then doing it with one ski. You would end up going down the mountain on one ski and the other leg sticking out looking silly! Not to mention, you would probably knock down everyone in your path on the way down. That is precisely why I don’t want to spend my spare time on the mountain learning how to snow board because I already know how to ski pretty well and we don’ t go every year. So, I would literally be spending my entire trip, which would be skiing for four or five days and just getting my balance and used to snowboarding during these ski days. I just want to get there, get my gear, and go skiing! But a lot of people swear by snowboarding and the fact that it is more fun than skiing.

Take for example my brother, he loves snowboarding and has a lot of friends that snowboard very often, including one of his best friends that just moved to Colorado. We all went out there last year, which is mentioned in a previous blog post about the fun time we had. So, my brother had the choice to learn to ski or snowboard and just decided he would put his time and energy into snowboarding since it is the newest and more hip way to get down the mountain. Plus, there are more tricks and things you can do while snowboarding, like going faster and jumping moguls and such. But anyway, he said it took him several days of trial and error and he even took a lesson to shorten the learning curve. Bumps, bruises, and sore body are all things that you will incur while learning to snowboard or snow ski for that matter. Which is precisely the reason that my thirty -eight year old self doesn’t want to get out there and do any more!

By all means, choose and decide which one you prefer by getting out to the mountain and just doing it! There are certain things in life that are just way too much fun to never experience. And in my opinion, snow skiing or snow boarding is one of them. Being in the high altitude and having the cold air go through your system is enough fun to want to go back every year!



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